Best School Districts in Westchester NY and the Hudson Valley

Are you planning on buying a house and wondering which are the best school districts in Westchester NY and the Hudson Valley? If you have kids, finding the best school districts for them is an obvious concern, since attending a good and appropriate public school is essential to your children's future. Even your New York level property tax may seem like a bargain compared to private school tuition.

As for people who do not have children, the quality of the school district can greatly affect the resale value of a home. Not only do homes in good school districts typically have higher resale values, they also sell faster. And with quality schools, even during the housing market downturn, those homes tend to hold their values.

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Best School Districts in Westchester NY and the Hudson Valley

Evaluating School Districts Based on Test Scores and Data

We all know that test scores alone do not reflect how good a school district is. However, matrices like graduation rate, spending per pupil, average SAT scores, Regents exam scores, etc are all data that allow you to easily compare different schools. 

Since we know how important school district is as a determining factor on your home buying purchase, we have compiled the data of all the school districts in Westchester and the Hudson Valley , including Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange, and Ulster Counties. The data we have gathered from the New York State Education Department include the average spending per pupil, average class size, teacher qualifications, and more. 


Not only that, we have also ranked every single school districts based on the following criteria (read the following or watch the above video):

The Best School Districts in Westchester NY and Hudson Valley based on 4-year graduation rate

9 schools in Westchester have a 4-year graduation rate higher than 99% during the 2012-13 school year. The 9 schools are the following:

The highest 4-year graduation rate in each county in the Hudson Valley

The Best School Districts in Westchester NY and Hudson Valley based on Average SAT Scores 

The average for New York State in 2012-13 was 1370. 15 high schools in Westchester NY have an average of higher than 1700. The highest average for each county is:

The Best School Districts in Westchester NY and Hudson Valley based on "Ready for College Rate"

"College ready" means a student received a Regents diploma, and scored at least a 75 on the English Language Arts Regents, and at least an 80 on the Math Regents. The highest "Ready for College Rate" for each county was:

Ranking of real estate prices in each school district and each county, based on 2014 data. 

The most expensive county to live in the Hudson Valley by far is Westchester County. Rye City School District tops the list with a median sales price of $1,835,000 for a single family home. For a clear view of how much it costs on average to live in each school district, you can also check out our Hudson Valley real estate heat map.

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Other Factors on Deciding School District

If you are checking the school district statistics just to preserve your property value, our Hudson Valley school district report should be more than sufficient for you to determine what areas you want to live in. However, if you are concerned about your children's schooling, you can also talk to the neighbors in your desired neighborhood, who have children enrolled in the schools. Many of the school provides tours, and allow you to schedule an interview with a teacher or administrator at the school.


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