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Living in Orangetown NY

Population (2010 census): 49,212 over 31.4 square miles
Median Age: 41.9
Median Income: $95,221
% of Population with Bachelor's Degree or Higher: 50.4%
% Households with Children Under 18: 31.3%

The Town of Orangetown includes the Villages of Grand View-on-Hudson, Nyack, Piermont, and South Nyack, and 10 hamlets. Most people enjoy living in Orangetown because of its friendly suburbs and good school systems.

With Orangetown being just North of New Jersey, some people like to cross the state line to pay lower gas prices and no clothing sales taxes. It is the town closest to New York City on the West side of the Hudson River. 

Transportation is very convenient, and Orangetown is very close to large shopping centers like the Palisades Center and Paramus. If you are looking for something more quaint, you will find charming villages like Nyack and Piermont.

There are a lot of state parks and nature to be enjoyed in Rockland County. The Blauvelt State Park provides great hiking trails and views. You will also find beautiful views of the Hudson River and the Piermont Marsh while hiking at the Tallman Mountain State Park.

For golf lovers, there is the private Manhattan Woods golf Club in Orangetown, and the municipal Blue Hill Golf Course.

Orangetown Real Estate  

In 2014, there were 282 single family homes sold in Orangetown for a median sales price of $441,450. 51 condos were sold for a median price of $245,000. Well priced homes were sold quickly, with the average home being on the market for 108 days before getting sold.

You will find a lot of cape and colonial style homes in Orangetown, and along the river, estates with river views.

Around 64% of the properties in Orangetown are detached single family homes, with another 3.2% being attached single family homes. Most of the homes in Orangetown are older, with 22% being built before 1939. Another 41% of the homes were built between 1960-1980.   

Some of the facts regarding Orangetown housing and real estate (All data from the US Census):

  • 64% of the homes in Orangetown are detached single family home, 3.2% are attached single family homes.
  • 6.1% of the homes in Orangetown are 2 family duplex, 5.9% of the homes have 3 or 4 units, 6.8% have 5-9 units
  • 10.3% of the buildings have 20 units or more
  • 22% of the homes in Orangetown were built before 1939
  • 7.1% of the homes in Orangetown were built between 1940-1950
  • 20.9% of the homes in Orangetown were built between 1950-1960
  • 20.7% of the homes in Orangetown were built between 1960-1970
  • 9.3% of the homes in Orangetown were built between 1970-1980
  • 9% of the homes in Orangetown were built between 1980-1990
  • 7.3% of the homes in Orangetown were built between 1990-2000
  • 3.8% of the homes in Orangetown were built after 2000
  • 72.8% of the homes in Orangetown are owner-occupied, and 27.2% are being rented. 

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Orangetown Commute

Orangetown is located approximately 25 miles North of New York City, and the drive without traffic can be done in 40 minutes. Orangetown borders New Jersey and the Hudson River, and is the closest town to NYC in New York State, on the West side of the river.

For public transportation to New York City, there are Coach commuter buses that go to Port Authority. During rush hour, it takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes each way. Some people prefer to take the NJ Transit train from Pearl River to Hoboken, and then to New York City. 

Visit our New York City Commute Guide for more information.

Orangetown Schools

Most of the students in the town attend schools at the South Orangetown School District. A small portion go to Pearl River School District. Both districts are highly regarded in the county. Click here for more information about all the Rockland County school districts.

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