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A little about Spring Valley NY

Population: 31,347 over 2.1 square miles
Median Age: 28.2
Median Income: $46,835
% of Population with Bachelor's Degree or Higher: 17.7%
% Households with Children Under 18: 48.2%
Town: Partly in Ramapo, and partly in Clarkstown
School District: East Ramapo School District
Distance to midtown New York: approximately 32 miles, 45 minutes drive without traffic 
2014 Real Estate Stats: There were 54 homes sold for a median sales price of $275,000. There were also 19 condos sold, with a median sales price of $185,000.

Living in Spring Valley NY

Spring Valley is the second most populous village in Rockland County, after New City, and is more dense than other parts of the town. Spring Valley is very convenient, with bus and train stations in town. There are lots of stores and restaurants are along Route 59. You will find many ethnic restaurants and stores in the neighborhood.

Most of the homes in Spring Valley are condos and apartments in multi-family buildings. Many of the condos and townhouses are affordable and sold under $200,000. There are several popular condo and townhouse communities, including:

  • Parkview Condos - Condos built around 2013. This condo complex 
  • Park Ave Condos - Condos built around 1985. As of 2015, some of the condos are selling for under $100,000.
  • Holland House - Condos built in the 1960s. 
  • Square Horizons - Condos builts in the 2000s.
  • Country Village - Townhouses built in the 1970s
  • Kennedy Arms - Condos built in the 1980s
  • Cross Creek - Townhouse community built in the 1990s
  • Prestige - Townhouses built around 2013

Spring Valley NY Real Estate Information (based on US Census)

2014 Real Estate Stats (from HGMLS): There were 54 homes sold for a median sales price of $275,000. There were also 19 condos sold, with a median sales price of $185,000.

Spring Valley NY Detached Single Family Homes: 17.7%
Spring Valley NY Attached Single Family Homes: 8.6%
Spring Valley NY 2-family Homes: 11.9%
Spring Valley NY 3-4 Family Homes: 7.9%
Spring Valley NY 5-9 Family Homes: 17.5%
Spring Valley NY Homes with 10-19 Units: 14%
Spring Valley NY Homes with 20+ units: 5.9%
Spring Valley NY Homes Built before 1950: 11.7%
Spring Valley NY Homes Built 1950-1959: 10%
Spring Valley NY Homes Built 1960-1969: 25%
Spring Valley NY Homes Built 1970-1979: 33.4%
Spring Valley NY Homes Built 1980-1989: 6.9%
Spring Valley NY Homes Built 1990-1999: 5.1%
Spring Valley NY Homes Built After 2000: 8%
Spring Valley Occupied Homes: 85.4%
Spring Valley Occupied Homes: 14.6% 

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Village of Spring Valley websitewww.villagespringvalley.org

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