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Living in Stony Point NY

Population (2010 census): 15,059 over 31.6 square miles
Median Age: 43.1
Median Income: $96,694
% of Population with Bachelor's Degree or Higher: 33.2%
% Households with Children Under 18: 36.3%

The town of Stony Point may be best known for its Stony Point Battlefield, an important battle from the Revolutionary War. Nowadays, you can still visit the Battlefield and its museum, which is part of the Palisades Interstate Park. The state park occupies 64% of the land of the town, and offerings skiing, canoeing, swimming, and fishing opportunities. 

Within Rockland County, Stony Point is the most rural of the five towns, and offers that most open space. There are some luxury home developments that offer 5000 sq ft homes on 3+ acres, for people who are looking for something less congested than other parts of Rockland County. But driving through most of the town, you will see modest older homes like capes, splits, colonials, and ranches.

Other than its easy access to outdoor activities, Stony Point is also convenient to commute and shopping. It has close proximity to the Woodbury Commons, Palisades Mall, and all the stores along Route 59. The community still maintains its small town feeling, and maintains an active recreation department.

Stony Point Battlefield

Stony Point BattlefieldStony Point Battlefield Park

Stony Point Real Estate   

In 2014, there were 95 homes sold in Stony Point for a median sales price of $332,500. The average time to sell a home was 121 days.

Some of the facts regarding Stony Point housing and real estate (All data from the US Census):

  • 82.4% of the homes in Stony Point are detached single family home, 0.9% are attached single family homes, and 2.4% are two family homes. 
  • 2.4% of the homes in Stony Point are two family duplexes, 4.8% have 3-4 units, and 2.5% have 5-9 units.
  • 12.7% of the homes in Stony Point were built before 1939. 
  • 4.2% of the homes in Stony Point were built between 1940-1950
  • 19% of the homes in Stony Point were built between 1950-1960
  • 17.2% of the homes in Stony Point were built between 1960-1970
  • 10.7% of the homes in Stony Point were built between 1970-1980
  • 10.7% of the homes in Stony Point were built between 1980-1990
  • 15% of the homes in Stony Point were built between 1990-2000
  • 10.4% of the homes in Stony Point were built after 2000
  • 82.1% of the homes in Stony Point are owner-occupied, and 17.9% are being rented. 

Stony Point  NY Real Estate Communities

The only condo community in Stony Point is Liberty Ridge, a 55+ active adult community. Libert Ridge offers both condos for sale and for rent.

There are several single family home communities in Stony Point. The ones built around the 2000s are often very large in size and lot. As of 2015, there are new home communities being built like the Jessup Ridge Estates and Carlton Park. These newer homes are more modest in size (around 2000-2500 square feet) and are selling in the $400,000s.

Some of the subdivisions in Stony Point include:

  • Cedar Pond Estates. Homes are around 3000 square feet, built in the 1990s.
  • Park Side Estates. Located next to the Patriot Hills Golf Club and town park. Built in the 1990s.
  • Indian Hills - a home development built in 1989. Homes are around 3000 square feet.
  • Deerwood Estates - Homes were built around 1993. 
  • Tiorati Trails - Homes built around 1999. Homes are around 3000 square feet.
  • The Cliffs - Large custom built homes ranging from 3000-5000 square feet. Built around 1998 to 2000s.
  • Stony Ridge Estates - Large homes ranging from 3000 - 5000 square feet, located next to Harriman State Park. Built around 2002.
  • Laur-Ann Estates - Large homes built around 2003. Homes range from 3000 - 6000 square feet.

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Stony Point Commute

Stony Point is located in the Northern tip of Rockland County, with Orange County to its North. Commute to midtown Manhattan is around 40 miles, and can be done in an hour if there is no traffic.

The main roads in Stony Point in 9W and the Palisades Parkway. Distance to the Nanuet, home to one of the biggest malls in the region, is 15 miles. Tarrytown, on the other side of the Hudson River just over the Tappan Zee Bridge, is approximately 23 miles away.

For commuting to New York City, visit our New York City Commute Guide to find out more details.

Stony Point Schools

Most of the students in the town attend schools at the North Rockland Central School District. Click here for more information about the North Rockland School District, and all Rockland County school districts.

Wondering how all the Hudson Valley school districts compared to each other? You can find out stats on all the Hudson Valley school district, including graduation rate, average SAT scores, class size, etc. View our free Hudson Valley School Report.

Stony Point NY Shopping and Dining

Most of the shopping and dining in Stony Point are along Route 9W. There are a few strip malls with grocery stores like Shop Rite and Aldi. For more shopping and dining options, you will find plenty of options in the nearby towns, just several minutes drive away.

Stony Point NY Parks and Recreation

Stony Point offers endless nature and outdoors opportunities. Harriman State Park and Bear Mountain State Park are on the West side of Stony Point, and occupy three quarters of the land in Stony Point. The large parks offer camping, hiking, mountain biking, and boating opportunites in the warmer months. The Bear Mountain State Park even has accommodations at the Bear Mountain Inn, and its own zoo. In the winter, you can ice skate and ski at the parks.

Within the town of Stony Point, there is a Riverfront Park that offers great views and fishing, volleyball courts, picnic tables and grills. The town also runs the Veterans Park where there are baseball fields, tennis courts, and playground. Along the Hudson River, you will find plenty of boat launches. There is also a town pool. For more information, visit the Town of Stony Point Recreation Page.

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