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What is the true value of your home? Selling a home is a competitive endeavor, no matter whether here in the Hudson Valley, New York City, or right along with condominium market in North Vancouver. Unless you has a firm strategy, home buyers may not perceive the true value of your home. Home buyers would look for flaws that would give them an upper hand in negotiations, to pay less for a home you value highly. That is especially true when a market experiences a downturn. The following 5 tips will ensure you get the most money in your pocket for your sale.

Selling a home calls for a lot of preparations. Here are key five tips to follow.

1. Dressing Up and Repairing the Home:

Buyers will always go for quality homes: homes that have adorable touches and elegance, and requires no work done prior to moving in. You may be used to seeing those little cracks on the walls, unfixed sockets, or a badly fixed bathtub, but that doesn’t mean a buyer will be okay with these minor issues. Be sure to make all the necessary repairs before you set your home ready for sale, even those "minor ones". Buyers are petty beings and they will look for any little flaw in the home to make a low offer. To avoid getting low offers, be sure to repair sticky doors and drawer. For the exterior, check the state of your garden, fences and sidewalks. Get them pruned and updated and you will be good to go.

Rockland County Homes for Sale

2. Neutralize Your Home:

All buyers love an elegance and a beautiful home. But what is beautiful for one buyer may not be so for another. It is therefore important for you to neutralize your home before putting the word out there that you are selling your home.

What does neutralize mean? It simply means striking a balance between what you have and what you think your potential customer will be in for. It starts with your choice of colors. You should replace the bold choices you had made to colors like white and tans. You may have to repaint some walls, get more neutral color floor rugs to ensure you give a fresh taste to prospective buyers.

3. Consult realtors and real estate agents:

After all the repairs are done, your focus now shifts to getting a price for your house. This is the most important step, and it involves consultations with experienced realtors who can advise on what the current local homes are selling for, and how long homes are selling on the market.

What happens if your price the home too high? Since buyers will also have a realtor consulting them on how much the current home prices are, they will know your home is priced to high. A home priced too high will result in your home sitting on the market too long, and causes you reduce your sales price. It may even become fatal since buyers will know that your home has sat on the market too long, and will be interested in giving you low ball offers thinking something is wrong with your house.

4. Choose a selling strategy:

How quickly do you want to sell the home? It is essential to know how long you have to sell your home. If you have a lot of time, you can perhaps test the market by listing it with an agent, and see how much interest it generates. If you need a quick sale, you will probably need to price your home lower and hope for a quick, cash sale. Sometimes listing a home is not possible - urgency calls for a public auction sale. It is especially useful if you have a property that requires too many repairs. It is also a popular route for those who have inherited a house.

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5. Declutter and Staging:

After you have done all the repairs and researched your local market, you now have a target price in mind. If you have the time and resources to try to get the highest possible price, this is the right time to play dress up. The first step to improving how your house looks is to remove all the non-essential items from your home. You can store the excessive items in a temporary storage unit. This will help your potential buyers visualize living in a clean, uncluttered house.

On the other hand, if you are selling an empty home, it is also hard for buyers to seem themselves living in it. To help them see their dream, you can hire a professional stager to tastefully add some furniture and decorative pieces in your home.