Gardening is not only fun and relaxing but it can also be a money saver as well. In addition to beautiful flower gardens, planting fruit and vegetable gardens is a great way to supplement your groceries and get fresh food on your plate. Gardening isn’t difficult and with these nine great natural tips, anyone can get their garden blooming and growing in no time.

1. Easy DIY greenhouse – Recycle your water or soda bottle and turn it into a mini greenhouse. This is great to get seedlings growing. Cut off the top of the plastic bottle and turn the bottom portion over a very small pot. This little mini greenhouse dome will help seedlings grow.

2. Substituting packing peanuts for soil – Try adding some packing peanuts (much cheaper!) to the bottom of your potted plants or herbs, cover with a piece of landscape fabric and then fill the rest of the way with soil. Water is still able to drain properly through the packing peanuts.

Garden Post Vertical GardenGarden Post Vertical Garden. Photo Credit:


3. Use potatoes to grow roses – When you trim your rose bushes, take the clippings & pull off the leaves. Then place the clippings into the potatoes so that they can develop roots. The potato helps keep the clippings moist. Once roots have sprouted, pull out of the spud and transplant to your garden.

4. Kill weeds naturally – Instead of using harsh chemicals to knock out the weeds, just head to your pantry for a few ingredients to make your own weed killer. Using a sprayer container, mix a gallon of white vinegar with a cup of salt and a tablespoon of dish soap.

5. Try a vertical garden – For people short on space, a vertical garden is perfect. It’s a tall post with plastic pots attached and you can also add a small drip irrigation system. Just add your soil, seeds or plants and you can have a gorgeous garden that only takes up about 4 sq. ft.

6. Using storage containers to garden – If you’re tight on space (apartment dwellers) you can still enjoy a small garden. Try using large plastic storage containers. Poke some holes in the bottom for drainage, add those packing peanuts, landscape fabric, top off with soil and then plant.

7. Adding egg shells to your soil – The next time you have eggs for breakfast or bake a cake with eggs, save the shells! The shells are rich in calcium and help nourish the soil. Just grind them up in your blender and sprinkle around the garden.

8. Diapers doing double duty – Who knew that you could use diapers for so much more than just babies. Take a diaper (clean!) and line a pot with it before you add your plant or herb. The diaper helps the pot retain moisture.

9. Adding Epsom saltAdding some Epsom salt to your garden helps to increase the nutrients in the soil especially magnesium. You can add a few tablespoons to your watering can or sprinkle some of the salt in the dirt.

Adding epsom salt to garden Adding epsom salt to garden. Photo source:



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