Do you love books and want to meet others who share this activity? Are you new to your community and want to make friends? Joining a book club at your local library is a great choice, both to make friends and to expand your reading palate.

We are fortunate to have a wide variety of book clubs available in lower Westchester libraries. There really is just about something for everyone. So whether you like history, non-fiction or want to join a group that is just for women, there is a book club for you!

Below are some local lower Westchester Library Book Clubs to try:

Larchmont Public Library – Stranger Than Fiction Book Group

This group meets in the evenings once a month to discuss interesting non-fiction. Learn more about them here:

Mamaroneck Library

Women’s Book Club – Previous ooks that have been chosen include The Arsonist by Sue Miller and This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage by Ann Patchett. They meet on Wednesdays in the afternoon.

History Book Club – Come read books such as 1861: The Civil War Awakening by Adam Goodheart & A Short History of Reconstruction by Eric Foner. The book club meets on the third Monday of every other month in the evening.

Learn about the Mamaroneck Library book clubs here:

New Rochelle Public Library – Brown Bag Book Discussions

This group meets every third week at 12:00 p.m. and covers different genres as well as fiction and non-fiction alike. Learn about their book club here:

Pelham Library – Book Club

The book club meets in the evening during the week and discusses popular books. For March they have an interesting book, The Zookeeper’s Wife by Diane Ackerman, about the true story of 2 zookeepers who saved refugees from the Nazis by using empty zoo cages. Learn more about their book club here:

Scarsdale Public Library – Nancy’s Book Group

This book club meets in the early afternoon for most of the year. From May through July, they meet in the evening as well. Reservations are required. Books to be read this year include Spy Among Friends by Ben MacIntrye and Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers. Learn more about their book club here:

Rye Library – Thursday Afternoon Book Group

The Rye Library book group has met for a long time and covers both fiction and non-fiction. It is a self-moderated group. They meet on the 1s Thursday of the month. For March they will read The Deep End of the Ocean by Jacquelyn Mitchard. 

If you do join a book club, remember these helpful tips:

  • Reserve the book at your local library. Library book clubs choose books that can conveniently be ordered through them. They do this as a service for the community.
  • Do your best to read the entire book before the book club meeting.
  • If the book prompts questions for you, write them down. They could be good to bring up during the group discussion.
  • Some book clubs are led by a librarian and others are self-moderated (the group runs themselves). Follow the group’s guidelines to be a good group member. 

If you enjoyed the selected book and would like to read something similar, ask your librarian or book club moderator if they have any suggestions. Sometimes they know of another book to recommend to you right on the spot! 

Happy reading!