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After working all year, it isn’t unusual for hardworking people to desire a very special destination for their vacation. With many attractions to choose from, some of the most popular enticements are places which offer the allure of a waterfall – a wondrous phenomenon spilling seductively over some of the world’s most elegant rock formations, filling the environment with a thunderous sound awesome to behold, hypnotizing to experience.

While exotic places hold such charms to discover, they cannot be taken home except in our memories. Sure we try to capture the adventure with photos, videos and recordings, but none can hold a candle to the magnificence of the real thing.

Here lies the source of our inspiration to recreate a piece of such a paradise in our own backyards. After all, with the presence of a pool, a hot tub, a pond or a stream, we’ve got the makings of our own exotic utopia, to which the addition of a waterfall becomes the prevailing feature. And, if we don’t have any of those things, waterfalls can be appended to a landscape wall, flowing from within its structure and pouring onto a bed of decorative stone, trickling within a patio or enhancing the glory of a uniquely designed garden.

Hudson Valley Landscaping

Limited only by our imagination, a waterfall can be a powerful force cascading a great volume of water from astonishing heights down a winding stone path, creating ribbons of water through a series of smaller falls delivered to a final natural pool where huge koi enjoy the pleasure of the bubbly aeration. Or, with a more abbreviated approach, a waterfall can be a constantly moving point of interest within a seating area on a patio, where everyone can be mesmerized by its mystical effects.

Waterfalls can be contemporary in style, where water is used as form of art, or completely natural to mimic the more random spillways of a mountain stream. Although the introduction of a waterfall into one’s landscape is best done in the early stages of property development, plenty of situations accommodate the addition of a waterfall as a late-stage afterthought. The only things necessary are the skill of the designer and the expertise of his crew.

Hudson Valley Landscaping

The vital components of any landscape waterfall include water, rocks, and the forces that keep the water moving. These include plumbing, electricity and a suitable location. While water always seeks the lowest point in any terrain, a pump of appropriate size and capacity can recirculate the same water, returning it back to its starting point regardless of the elevation and the volume of its flow. However, the higher you have to pump the water especially when it involves a greater volume, the more costly the pump and the use of electricity to keep it going.

If the waterfall is something which will be used only sporadically for special occasions, like parties or social gatherings, then the expense of the pump and the necessary power won’t be that much of a factor. If your vision of your waterfall is one which stays on constantly in imitation of the wonders of nature, a smaller version with not as much height is probably a more judicious strategy.

Hudson Valley Gardening

Rhett Goslar, one of the most creative and sought-after landscape designers in the New York Hudson Valley region, describes the waterfall trend as one that is here to stay. As owner of Artistic Landscapes LLC which serves an ever-growing clientele seeking high-quality craftsmanship, he claims that waterfalls have become one of the most desirable components of the residential landscape.

“Waterfalls can spill over a wall near a fire pit where people sit within a pretty landscape where ornamental stone becomes the base of the fall. Our systems collect that water beneath the stone and reutilize it for an efficient cycle,” he explains. In addition, he advocates the inclusion of provocative lighting to add an enthralling dimension for after-dark fascination. “The waterfall is definitely magical in the overall scheme of things!

Hudson Valley Landscaping

With the concept of waterfall glamour as a component of your landscape plan, your only concern should be finding an experienced, knowledgeable and inspired contractor to implement a successful end result. Your choice should be one who will introduce appropriate rocks and choreograph the ideal design which will produce the sounds, the beauty and the drama you dream of.

Before coming to any conclusions, Goslar suggests that anyone interested in what may be possible should call for a free professional consultation. “I am more than happy to visit a site, discuss the owner’s hopes and present a complete proposal as a complimentary gesture. Having designed, built and installed extraordinary waterfalls for some of this region’s most discerning clients, I can speak from first-hand experience and offer invaluable insight.”

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