We recently caught up with Elaine Ewing, owner of Rhinebeck Pilates studio, to learn more about her studio and the type of classes the studio offers.

Rhinebeck Pilates in the Hudson Valley

Can you give us a little intro to pilates? 

Pilates is a method of exercise invented by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900's. Pilates can be done on specialized equipment as well as just simple mats.

Rhinebeck Pilates is a classical pilates studio, specializing in in private and small group classes on authentic pilates equipment. We are fully equipped with Gratz apparatus, which is widely known as the only pilates equipment made today according to Joseph Pilates' original standards and dimensions.

By fully equipped, we mean that we have every piece of pilates equipment needed in order to gain the most benefit from the pilates system. Joseph Pilates used to call his method "The thinking man's exercise" because all the exercises strengthen and require the mind-body connection in order to execute them properly.

Who should do pilates? Do I need to be fit in order to start?

At Rhinebeck Pilates, we have a wide variety of people who come to our studio: men, women, older, younger, the physically fit, the soon-to-be physically fit, new moms, soon-to-be-moms, people recovering from injuries, office workers, teachers, etc. Basically- everyone!

It is an amazing and challenging full-body workout that is also great for improving posture, recovering from injury, gaining overall strength and flexibility, and improving other sports such as golf, tennis, and running. We offer different type of classes, so you can choose the class most suitable for your body to start.

Rhinebeck Pilates in the Hudson Valley

I see that you offer many type of classes. How should someone get started?

We offer both group and private classes. Some people who regularly exercise or who used to do pilates a long time ago feel comfortable starting with group classes right away. However, we usually recommend starting with a few private sessions to familiarize with the equipment, the language used in pilates, and the exercises. This also gives the teacher a chance to learn about any injuries or issues the student may have coming into pilates.

So, if you're new to pilates and have any type of back, knee, or hip issue, it's advised that you begin with a few private sessions before jumping into a class. We have a few Introductory Packages for Beginners, the most popular one being "The Best Way to Start Pilates Package", which is 5 private sessions.

Here is the link to the Intro Packages: http://www.rhinebeckpilates.com/introduction-class-packages/

As for classes, we offer a variety of classes on both the equipment and the mat. The names of the classes are based on the piece of equipment the classes focus on, such as the Tower, the Reformer, and the Mat. Some people prefer to work out one-on-one with a teacher (and book private sessions) while others prefer a group of people and book the group classes.

There are also more advanced workshops. The workshops we offer are generally for pilates teachers only, though we do have a few serious students who enjoy attending the workshops.

Can you tell us more about Rhinebeck Studio, and why did you pick Rhinebeck as a location?

Rhinebeck Pilates has been in Rhinebeck for 12 years. Over the past 12 years we have grown and grown so much that we continue needing a larger spaces and more equipment! We currently have 7 teachers and offer 20 group classes per week as well as privately scheduled sessions.

Rhinebeck was a natural location for me to run a pilates studio because I am originally from Rhinebeck! I was born and raised in the Hudson Valley and attended Rhinebeck High School. After school I moved to NYC to attend the School of Visual Arts with a major in Fine Arts Printmaking. While in school I decided to become a certified pilates teacher as a way to help pay the bills. It quickly became my full time job. In the early 2000's, I moved back to the Rhinebeck area and began building a life here with my husband, running the studio, and being a mom! 

To find out more about Rhinebeck Pilates and try a class, please visit:

Rhinebeck Pilates
6400 Montgomery St, Rhinebeck, NY 12572
(845) 876-5686

"A body free from nervous tension and fatigue is the ideal shelter provided by nature for housing a well balanced mind, fully capable of successfully meeting all the complex problems of modern living." -Joseph Pilates