Art of Dressing in Mamaroneck

Art of Dressing was started 10 years ago in Mamaroneck. Tonia Tagliaferro, an expert stylist and image consultant founded her business to help women improve their confidence by building self-awareness, to become more accepting of their body types and discover how to dress to suit their individual personality and lifestyles. Tonia offers individual consultations and workshops to guide women and men to look and feel their very best. The Art of Dressing was the winner for Westchester Magazine's 2015 Best Of Westchester for "Best Fashion Stylist" and "Best Personal Shopping Experience"!

Tonia has a true passion for fashion and how every woman and man (yes, most of her clients are women but she does see men too) can find styles to make them look terrific. She invited me to be her guest at her Art of Dressing Workshop.

Art of Dressing Workshop

Art of Dressing Workshop

Art of Dressing WorkshopPhotos from the Art of Dressing Workshop

Watching her with our group, you could see her make small tweaks such as adding a scarf folded artfully across the shoulders, putting a dark colored cropped jacket or adding a belt. Sometimes a small change can make a big difference in looking “good” to “terrific!” Women in our group were a variety of ages, different fashion tastes and body types – but Tonia found “tweaks” to make for everyone to make them look better.

Tonia has owned retail stores in Westchester and Dutchess County. She has been a featured motivational speaker and has appeared on cable TV and radio. You can also read her fashion tips to your questions in the local Hometown Newspapers in Southern Westchester County.

While many think that seeing someone to change their fashion style is all about the exterior, Tonia believes it goes much deeper than this. “This is the element that differentiates me as a stylist. It is imperative, especially for women, to integrate the concept of how the effect of our internal thoughts impacts our external appearance. It’s not just what you dress yourself in, but what your internal dialogue is. The two are intertwined and one cannot look good on the outside unless you possess confidence on the inside. I help bridge the gap by teaching skills to 'Retrain the Brain'.”

Tonia from Art of DressingTonia from Art of Dressing

What inspired you to become a personal stylist? 

Tonia Tagliaferro: My first job was in NYC as a fitting model. From there I went into production and learned about how a garment was made from the manufacturing process, designing the garment, to shipping it to the retail stores. I was immediately drawn to how a garment should drape on a body and techniques used to flatter different figures. I understood that women needed a guideline and simple rules to make a big difference on how they looked.

Everyone was talking fashion, but no one was teaching women how they could modify these fashions to apply to them individually. I wrote the Art of Dressing program to teach simple skills that can be applied, using the clothing in your closet, to enhance and update ones looks.

Your location is very charming. What inspired you to choose it and why did you select Mamaroneck as the place to be?

Tonia Tagliaferro: The setup of the location was what attracted me. Usually, I work out of a studio as I am typically hired to address large groups of people in various locations. While the space offered two sides, I was able to set one side up as a little boutique while reserving the other side for running events for women. The space also offered a private parking lot on a main drag.

When someone sees you for a personal styling appointment, what often inspires them to take that step? 

Art of Dressing Mamaroneck NYTonia Tagliaferro: My signature Wardrobe Consultation and Evaluation helps women create a look based on their individual body type, attitude, clothing style, and budget. This experience begins their journey of empowerment, reduces stress, and helps women look and feel good about themselves.

What transformations have you seen when working with clients? Can you give an example or two? 

Tonia Tagliaferro: I have inspired women to make the effort toward change. I help people see themselves as they are focusing on awareness and acceptance of their body image. I have transformed lives, helping to make dressing a pleasure and not a chore; motivated them to look and feel good in their own skin.

One client who was so stuck in a fashion rut and stale at a dead end job, felt so confident after working with me, that she was able to change her job and make changes in her personal life, which led her to abundance and prosperity.

Here’s what she wrote. “My wardrobe had deteriorated and I lost all confidence in my shopping ability when finally deciding I had no personal style. I carried myself the way I walked, head down, not wanting to risk catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I’d spend hours combing clothes through racks in stores and not seeing anything I could wear. I came to your seminar with low expectations fearing I was beyond any help. Thank goodness I came. Voila! Style! What fun; and I wasn’t spending lots of money”.

Another client who experienced a one-on-one consultation with me said, “After having a baby, I sort of lost touch with myself. I have spent/wasted more money buying stuff I bought on sale that doesn’t look good on me. I should have done this a long time ago. I love the new and improved me.”

Many women find buying an outfit for a wedding or special occasion challenging, as you want to look your best. What suggestions should they keep in mind? 

Tonia Tagliaferro: Stay true to yourself, and be comfortable. Focus on your positive attributes. Don’t let the newest fashions dictate what you should wear. Wear what looks well on you and flatters your figure. Take a step out of your comfort zone and be open- minded to try something new.

You have a personal stylist business & also a boutique, located in Mamaroneck. What are your favorite Westchester restaurants or places to go out on the town? 

Tonia Tagliaferro: I’m so lucky to be so close to the Mamaroneck Harbor as I love being near the water. It provides tranquility and inspires me to write new programs and books. I also enjoy the performing arts so I frequent the Emelin Theater as often as I can.

Some of my favorite restaurants are, Andrea’s 25 North, La Piccola Casa, & Fiamma Tratoria. A great wine bar is Bar’lees and of course the best pizza is Sal’s Pizza.

What do you like most about having your business in Mamaroneck? 

Tonia Tagliaferro: I like knowing, helping and serving the people in the community. I continue to be inspired knowing I am able to change lives for the better.

What services do you offer?

Tonia offers Consultation & Evaluation, Closet Audit & Organization, Personal Shopping and Group Sessions. She also does Keynote/Event Speaker/Corporate Trainer services.

Group classes are offered at $55 a person, normally offered for $95. She has spoken to smaller groups as well as larger groups (500 people).

What do you hope women & men come away with after seeing you for style coaching? 

Tonia Tagliaferro: Confidence is the key element; looking and feeling better about dressing and about themselves; knowing how to put things together and getting into the habit of maintaining a positive internal dialogue.

While genetically our body shapes stay the same, the skills I teach are for a lifetime. These skills can be applied at any age weight, or life style, effortlessly. Clients I had worked with years ago still comment that they continue to apply these skills and are so much happier with themselves.

For more information about Tonia and Art of Dressing program and boutique, call (914) 481-5552 or email:

Art of Dressing
555 E Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck, NY 10543
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