Are you interested in spending the day at the pastoral Kinderhook Farm? It is a livestock farm that supplies New York City meat loving meccas including The Meat Hook, and The Meat Market, and The Corner Restaurant.

Hudson Valley Farm Tour Kinderhook

The trip, Down on the Farm, is a full day of visiting the cows, chickens, sheep and pigs. It is followed by cooking up a family meal together that all will eat together as the sun sets on your day at the farm.

Down on the Farm days will begin with a full farm tour, immersing participants in the daily work of Kinderhook’s stewards.

Your day begins at the farm kitchen, with fresh-baked treats, juice and iced tea. Next, it’s on to the grand farm tour. You will walk the main farm grounds, stopping to visit lambs, cows, chickens and chat with farmers. Guests are invited to collect eggs and put chickens to roost.

Hudson Valley Farm Tour
Hudson Valley Farm Dinner
Dinner at the Farm

After the tour, the group heads to the farm kitchen to put the finishing touches on dinner. After a brief cooking lesson, guests can roll up their sleeves to grill Kinderhook's fine meats, chop vegetables, or help bake a gooey fruit crumble. But don’t worry, you’re just as welcome to enjoy a crisp beer and watch the sunset.

Once dinner is ready, everyone will sit down to enjoy a communal farm dinner as the Hudson Valley light ducks over the hills of Kinderhook farm. Want to learn more? Check out their website and book your spot now at

This is a guest post from the Kinderhook Farm.

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