As the weather warms up, outside becomes the go-to spot for fun. Barbeques and picnics abound. However, there’s always that desire to do something fun and new while you’re waiting for good food or just want to spend a nice day at the park. I collected some of my favorite fitness games for all ages.


Animal Copy- Walk, hop, trot and slither like popular animals. All it takes is some imagination and open space.

Simon Says- This is a classic for a reason and is good for multiple ages.

Top Gun- Begin with kids lying on their stomachs. Yell ‘Start your engines,” and have kids move to an ‘all fours’ position and do pushups. Then tell them to ‘take off’,standing with arms outstretched and walking/running around the room. Have the kids ‘land’ so they stop, roll to their backs and perform crunches. You can modify with slower or faster movements.

Five - Nine

Cross Over Relay -  Divide into two groups and mark start and finish lines. Make sure that the finish line is in throwing distance of the start line. Say ‘Go!’ and have the first in each group run across the line with a volleyball. Once they cross the finish line, have them turn and throw the ball to their teammate. The team with all of their members over the finish line first wins.

Crossing the Stream - Use your driveway and chalk to create two lines to represent a stream. Draw additional lines to widen or narrow the ‘stream’. Create ‘crossing points’ and have the kids jump from one side to the other. Alternate between jumping with both feet together and leaping across.

Hand Hockey- Have a pair of partners facing each other in standard plank position with palms flat on the ground. Space approximately two feet apart. Have them maintain plank position while moving a beanbag between their partner’s arms. A goal is scored each time the beanbag passes through one’s hands.

Ten - Adult

Towel Ball- With a volleyball net, break up into pairs. Each pair gets one towel and there should be an even amount of pairs on each side of the net. Each person holds their end of their respective towel. One team starts by vaulting a volleyball over the net with only the towel. Go back and forth, sharing the vaulting with your side of the net. One point is earned for the throwing team if the opposite does not catch. For each successful catching team, they earn the point. The first team to get 20 points wins.

Ultimate Frisbee - Like soccer with a Frisbee, this game involves goalies and in place of a goal, there’s an end zone. Teammates throw the Frisbee down the field in order to reach the opposite team’s end zone. Whoever catches, must stop running until they throw the Frisbee to another player. Points are scored when any player catches the Frisbee in the opposing team’s end zone.

All Ages

Obstacle Course

Lawn Scrabble - Cut out big cardboard letters and play the classic game on your lawn.

Or try a classic like capture the flag, red rover, tag, red light/green light, mother may I, or tug of war.

Most importantly, have fun!


This post is written by Natassia Velez. An Orange County native, Natassia is a freelance editor, literary reviewer, and classical performer. Politics and performing are passions of hers and it’s evident in her love of arts and culture. Natassia has a penchant for quirky humor, geekery, and finding new things to do in the Hudson Valley. You can read all her posts here, and connect with her on twitter and google+


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