The first day of spring is in two weeks. Although our grounds are still snow covered, the warmer temperatures this weekend makes me believe I may actually see my yard soon. When that happens, there is a long list of things you need to do in your yard or repair around your house from winter’s harsh beating. 

Freezing weather is pretty damaging to a home. Winter weather causes damages to roofs, pipes, and may result in water leaks. There are many things to inspect on your home but the top three areas include:

Check the roof and surroundings

The freezing weather can really beat up a roof. So, once you get all the snow off your roof, get a ladder and check it for any cracks or tears. See if any shingles are cracked, loose, missing or warped from ice and wind. Look at the seams and expansion joints for wear and tear.

Also, examine around vent pipes and look for rust spots. Inspect the chimney flashing and the seals around attic vents and skylights. Inside the house, be on the lookout for any drywall that has water stains. 

Repair suggestions: You can try to do the repairs yourself or hire a licensed contractor. Home improvement stores sell replacement shingles. Caulk the areas that need to re-sealed (caulking for the roof is relatively inexpensive.)

Look for leaks 

Water leaking into the home can be a costly repair if not caught early. When it is still cold outside, it is a good idea to look for ice dams during the snowy winter months. Ice dams can build up on a roof and when they start to thaw, the water can make its way into your home.

Look for any signs of water damage on your ceilings or walls. Some common areas that people forget to check include crawl spaces, washing machine hoses and attics. Also, be sure to inspect pipes under the sinks to look for any damage caused by freezing.

Repair suggestions: You can try to remove the ice dams with a long broom or rake. However, removing ice dams can be dangerous so for the hard-to-reach areas, it’s best to hire a professional to do the job. You can buy pipe patch kits to temporarily repair small pipe holes until you can call a plumber.

Winter home shingles and gutter

Check the Gutters

Examine gutters and remove any winter debris that piled up. Make sure the gutters are secure because loose gutters can cause water to leak into your home. Clogged gutters can also lead to corrosion or rust issues. Check for weakening or peeling caulking and make sure the downspout is working properly.

Repair suggestions: Gutter sealants and any replacement hangars that you might need can be found in any home improvement store and are fairly inexpensive. Make sure the downspout is at least 4 feet away from your house.

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