Tag Sales in Westchester New York

Spring is just about here. For some people this means gardening and outdoor sports. For others, this means one thing: tag sale season! Here is a little guide to finding the bargains and tag sales in Westchester County.   

There are many reasons to like tag sales – to save money, to connect with old and new-to-you neighbors, and to be eco-friendly are a couple of them. But one that also pushes many tag sale-rs on is the thrill of the hunt: will they find something they buy for $3 that is actually worth a lot more that gets admired on Antiques Roadshow? Hey, you never know!

Where to find tag sales in Westchester:


At this site you’ll find not only tag sales – but the higher end “estate” sales listed as well. What’s the difference? Well, typically at an estate sale the person is selling just about everything in the house. The sale is often higher-end items, including excellent quality furniture and designer clothing and designer costume jewelry or gemstone/precious gem jewelry.

Visit this site and look to the side for Westchester Sales, and you’ll see the sales that are coming up. What is very convenient for tag sale lovers is that not only are the dates of the sale listed, but also the times. The name of the company doing the sale is also listed, which may interest you if you have a favorite one, and have always loved their sales.


This is an excellent place to search for tag sales. One of our favorite things about it is that Craigslist has recently added a feature which shows a photo with most listings. So you’ll often actually see some of the items for sale! Even if you just see a few of the items, this is a great way to get a sense of if this sale is one that is worth the gas you put in your car. Because the typical tag sale seller is going to logically pick their best items to feature – and if those don’t attract your attention – then you know to simply move on. 

Note: their search feature is easy to use. Do remember to select “Westchester” from the drop down menu, unless you like to travel far & wide for tag sales!


They have a page specifically for tag & moving sales. The NY Pennysaver has also launched a free garage sale app, which helps tag sale shoppers find tag sales easily, right at their fingertips. Tag & moving sales are listed weekly, so check back for updates.

LoHud (The Journal News) Classified Section

This section is now published online and does list different sections for tag sales and estate sales. For tag sales, most of the ads we saw did not list anything more than the dates, times and location for the sale. Some listed general information about their sale but no specifics about what you could find. We are guessing that tag sale ads are limited to 2 lines, but again, this is a guess.

Because of this, when you check these classifieds you aren’t going to find too much information about the sale. The estate sale ads appear to be longer and you are given more information about what to expect at the sale.

Tag sale shopping tips & etiquette:

  • Don’t arrive early or stay late. You wouldn’t do this at Buy Buy Baby or at The Gap, so certainly don’t show up at someone’s private home an hour early just because you are hoping to be the first person to buy that sofa they’ve got for sale. Getting there a few minutes early and waiting while they set up is okay.
  • Bring cash in smaller amounts. We admire you if you walk around with only $100 bills, but this isn’t going to make it any easier for you to shop at tag sales. A tag sale is not set up like a retail store, and they’ve prepared for only a certain amount of change.
  • Haggling is (usually) okay – but keep it friendly. Most people are open to an offer, but remember you never know the origin of an item. That simple bookshelf they are trying to sell for $30 that you want to buy for $15 could have been their child’s first woodworking project. Or it could have been made by their Dad. Don’t “trash talk” an item in an effort to get the price reduced, keep the conversation polite and understand when an offer is turned down or countered.
  • Be prepared to carry and secure your stuff. This is one of the most important tips we can give you. If you are going out to buy furniture or other large items, remember that you are not shopping at IKEA. The tag sale sellers probably will be helpful but may not have all of the resources to help you secure the item. Go prepared to come home with an item you want. Clean out the car or SUV. Bring sheets or blankets to cover it. Bring rope or ties to secure it.