parsons-estate-rye-nature-center-6 Ruins of the Parsons Estate at the Rye Nature Center. Photo credit: Stephanie Lombardo

Yesterday we wrote about all the fun activities at the Rye Nature Center. I just couldn't help but to add an additional post about the interesting grounds at the Rye Nature Center.

When driving up to the Rye Nature Center, you'll see the ruins of the Parsons' Estate. The Parsons was a prominent family in Rye, New York. The family contributions include the Parsons Memorial School, the Marshlands Conservancy, and properties at the Boston Post Road historic district.

The current 47-acre Rye Nature Center is also built on the land once owned by the Parsons family. The mansion was once a 25-room home called "Furzen Hill". The estate was named after a farm owned by the Parsons family in the 17th century in Cubbington, Warwickshire, England. (I googled it; it is still there)

Mr. Parsons died in 1941, and the mansion burned down under suspicious circumstances in 1942.

If this piques your interest, it is another reason for you to visit the Rye Nature Center. You can walk around and examine the architectural remains of the stone exterior. The ruins are used in the nature center's programs to teach children about natural reclamation and erosion.

Below are more photos taken at the grounds Rye Nature Center. All the photos are taken by Stephanie Lombardo. You can check out her photography on instagram.



The Parsons Estate ruins at Rye, New York


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