new-windsor-plum-point3 View of the Hudson River, with the Hudson Highlands to the left, and Storm King Mountains to the right.

Last week, when we started our big melt, I found myself at New Windsor in Orange County. Along the Hudson River water front, there are tons of prime photography locations in New Windsor. Even though it was a foggy and cloudy day, I decided to make the turn at the Plum Point sign to take a look at this beautiful park.

As soon as I parked, the view turned from dreary to dreamy. The fog added a layer of mist over the river and mountain views. Plum Point is one of my favorite sports to photograph because you are directly facing where the Hudson River bends in between the Hudson Highlands and Storm King Mountains.

I figured it was one of the last days where you can still see the river covered in snow. So I snapped a few pictures, and here they are. If you really want to, I even shot a little video, since I thought it was cool that a ferry passed by.

Actually, Plum Point is part of a 102 acre water front park, Kowawese Unique Area. The snow was covering 2000 feet of sandy beach. It is a great spot for hiking, picnics and barbaques, fishing, or go kayaking or canoeing on the river.

Want to see some summer pictures? Visit the New Windsor town website, where you will also find directions and more information about the park.

New Windsor Plum Point Park

Plum Point Park at New Windsor New York


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