Pink on Larchmont

Women in Larchmont know and love Pink on Palmer, a popular beauty and cosmetics store that (yes!) is located right on Palmer Avenue. Owner Judy Graham sat down with us to talk about Pink on Palmer, family and what makes a woman beautiful!

Judy’s career path first began in education, as an instructor in Central Michigan University. She and her husband are originally from Michigan. When he was transferred to New York, she stayed at home with their two daughters.

Her older daughter Abbie inspired her to develop a new career in retail business. Abbie had been working at a local store in Rye before going off to school and when she left, she encouraged her mom to take her job. Judy did and she loved it! Abbie now works for her Mom’s successful stores at the Rye PINK store.

Judy is a proud Mom and Grandma. She talks all the time about her older daughter, Abbie Durkin (mother of grandsons Graham and Archie). Judy also has another daughter Chrissie who lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Chrissie works for Mothers 2 Mothers, a non-profit organization that focuses on expecting mothers with the Aids virus. “I am so proud of both of my girls,” Judy says.

Can you please share a bit about the history of Pink on Palmer?

Pink on Palmer opened nearly 14 years ago after I had managed a similar store in Rye. I decided to strike out on my own. Never at the time did I imagine I would end up opening more stores.

Pink on Palmer has become a popular go-to beauty & cosmetics store in Larchmont. What products do women seem to always love?

There are two products that we sell more of than anything else. Devachan, hair products for people with curly hair, and Mario Badescu drying lotion (better known as the pimple cream).

Why did you select Larchmont for your location? Do most of your customers come from Larchmont or work in the area?

Again, my daughter was very involved in the location. At the time she lived in Larchmont and when she saw this spot, she called and said I had to lease this space. And it has turned out to be a great location.

Most of our customers are residents and people who work in Larchmont, but we draw from New Rochelle, Pelham, and Mamaroneck.

Summer is a time when every woman wants to look her best but heat and humidity is a real challenge. What beauty and cosmetics products do you recommend for a fresh & beautiful look?

For summer, I highly recommend self-tanners and sunscreen. The number one factor in aging skin is sun damage, so protecting your skin is not only a protection against cancer, but also aging.

Self-tanners have come a long way. They don't turn you orange and nor do they smell. I love Dr. Gross Skincare Glotion for body (a gradual self-tanner with a nice citrus scent) and Kiehls self-tanner for faster results.

Your regular customers know there is a dog bowl in front of the store, offering fresh water and you also give free dog treats. What inspired you to start doing this?

I used to bring my dogs to the store so that is probably what started it. I love dogs and have always rescued my dogs. Larchmont has a strong Pet Rescue group, and lots of residents have rescued animals.

You also have a Pink store in Rye and other stores in Westchester too. Can you tell us a bit about them?

After a few years, my daughter Abbie left her job in the City and started working with me. We brought in some accessories into PINK and did really well with them. So Abbie really wanted to open an accessory store. So we did! A space right next to PINK opened up five years ago so we started Clutch.

I have always wanted to get into Rye but waited for the right space. Oddly enough, the space where I first worked was going out of business and we took that space this January. After a major renovation we opened the end of April and we love being in Rye.

What do you think is the secret to being a beautiful woman?

Beauty, I believe, really does come from within. Kindness, humor, graciousness -- those are the ingredients for beauty not makeup. That said, I do think we feel better about ourselves when we look and feel our best. So spending a little time taking care of ourselves is time well spent.

What beauty & cosmetics products do you have in your purse right now?

I always have two lip-glosses in my purse -- one pink and one orange. And my little rollerball perfume Kai (gardenia scent) because it makes me happy!

Where do you love to eat, shop & entertain in Larchmont and throughout Westchester?

Now that I have grandsons, I go to Millers Toys and The Toy Box, both in Mamaroneck. Love them both! I don't need to do a lot of shopping since I can get pretty much all I need from our stores.

For dinner I just love the old world charm and service at Lusardis in Larchmont. Going out with the grandkids - Buddha in the Rye Ridge Shopping Center or Rye Bar and Grill- both very kid friendly.

Pink on Palmer
1907 Palmer Avenue Larchmont, NY 10538
(914) 833-8955